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Online roulette is another online casino game that many people like to play to make money into their pockets. With outstanding playability, no hassle, fun. have a mysterious charm Plus you don’t have to stress. In this article, we will give away formulas for playing roulette for real money, new updates for 2021, if you are ready, get ready to win the prize money UFABET

Giving away formulas for playing roulette Unlimited free giveaways newest update

  • Online roulette betting formula, big numbers, high-low

This formula allows you to place bets on 2 out of 3 positions. The technique is that the first bet must be placed in the first (1st) zone only. While the 2nd place to bet can be placed in the 2nd (2nd) or the 3rd zone. (3rd) because if the ball falls in one. Of the positions that have been wagered. The payout rate will be 2 times, similar to the down payment This formula has a low chance of losing, but in one turn there will be not much gains and losses. 


Online roulette betting formula, no repeated bets

This formula allows you to bet on a unique number from the past because the chance of the ball falling on the same position is very small. Especially anyone who is good at statistical numbers or see how it is released can choose. To place a lucky number Aim for a number. That has never been issued a prize. If there is a real day out, the profit is up to 35 times. This formula has a lot of chances to lose, but if you get a profit, you can get a lot as well.  

online roulette betting formula stab only in the middle zone

This formula to choose to bet on numbers 13-24 will choose to bet on a favourite. or tod (But the payout rate is different) The principle of the formula is that most of the balls will fall on different numbers. Although they come out alternately, but there are more opportunities out there. In this formula, the chance is equal to the chance. It also depends on the draw statistics of each table.

online roulette betting formula Hold only high/low numbers

This formula is suitable for a table with a winning record of high numbers 9-36 consecutively. The principle of the formula is that most of the balls will fall on the high numbers. or the lower number is more and more continuous This formula has a greater chance of losing. But if the table tends to draw one of the numbers in succession, this formula can be used until there is a change.

online roulette betting formula Vest only for horizontal numbers, two circles one

In this formula, bets are placed mainly in the middle zone (2nd) in combination with the first (1st) or the 3rd (3rd) zone. Invest mainly in the middle stake and switch to the first (1st) or the 3rd (3rd) zone. This formula has more chances than losing, increasing your chances of winning by 60%.