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Syllabus - 2007

Years: I     II     III     IV
I Year Non – Semester (Common subject for Bio-medical, I.T, CSE, ECE, EEE & Mechanical)
1. Technical English
2. Engineering Chemistry
3. Engineering Graphics
4. Computer Programming
5. Engineering Mathematics – I
6. Engineering Physics.
7. Physics, Chemistry – Lab
8. Engineering Practice – Lab
Core Subjects
9 Electron Devices & Circuits Electron Devices & Circuits Circuit Analysis
10 Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Electron Devices
9 Solid Fluid Mechanics Manufacturing Tec rod - I Electron Devices
10 Electric Circuit Analysis Basic Electrical & Electronic Engg. Human Anatomy
II Year - III Semester
1 Mathematics – III Mathematics – III Mathematics – III
2 Data Structures Data Structures Data Structures
3 Digital Principles and Design Digital Principles and Design Digital Electronics
4 System Software Signals & Systems Electronic Circuits – I
5 Object Oriented Programming Object Oriented Programming Electrical Machines
6 Environmental Science & Engg Principles of Communication Environmental Science & Engg
7 Object Oriented Prog. – Lab Object Oriented Prog. – Lab Electrical Machines – Lab
8 Digital – Lab Digital – Lab Electron Devices & Circuit Lab
9 Data Structures Lab Data Structures Lab Data Structure – Lab
1 Mathematics – III Mathematics – III Transforms and Random process
2 Environmental Science & Engg Applied Engg. Mechanics
Human Physiology
3 Electromagnetic Theory Thermodynamics Signals and Systems
4 Electrical Machines – I Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Circuits and Networks
5 Electronic Devices Electric Drives and Controls Electronic Circuits
6 Data Structure & Algorithms Manufacturing Tech.– II Bio Chemistry
7 Electric Circuits – Lab Fluid.Mech.& Machine Lab Circuits and Networks Lab
8 Electrical Machines – Lab Electrical Engineering Lab Biochemistry and Human Physio lab
9 Data Structure & Algo. Lab Manufacturing Tech.- Lab II Electronic Circuits Lab
II Year - IV Semester
1 Probability, Queuing Theory Probability & Statistics Random Processes
2 Design & Analysis of Algorithm Software Engineering Electronic Circuits II
3 Analog and Digital Commn. Information coding Techniques Signals and Systems
4 Computer Architecture Computer Architecture Electromagnetic Fields
5 Operating Systems Digital Signal Processing Linear Integrated Circuits
6 Visual Programming Microprocessor & controllers Measurements and Instrumentation
7 System Software – Lab Software Engg. – Lab Electronics Circuits II & Simuln. – Lab
8 Operating Systems – Lab DSP and Comm. Sys. – Lab Linear Integrated Circuit – Lab
9 Visual Programming – Lab Microprocessor & contro Lab Digital Electronics Lab
1 Numerical Methods Probability and Statistics Electric Fields and Machines
2 Electrical Machines – II Thermal Engineering Sensors and Measuring Techniques
3 Transmission & Distribution Strength of Materials Medical Physics
4 Control Systems Kinematics of Machinery Analog and Digital ICs
5 Electronic Circuits Engg. Materials & Metallurgy Pathology and Microbiology
6 Applied Thermodynamics Electronics and Microprocessor Principles and Communication
7 Control Systems – Lab Strength of Materials Lab Integrated circuits – Lab
8 Electronic Devices Ckts – Lab Electron. & Microprocess Lab Pathology and Microbiology – Lab
9 Electrical Machines – Lab II Thermal Engineering Lab – I  
III Year - V Semester
1 Principles of Management Professional - Ethics Professional Ethics
2 Discrete Mathematics Object Orient analysis, Desig. Communication Theory
3 Database Management Sys. Operating Systems Digital signal Processing
4 Computer Networks Computer Networks Microprocessors & its Applications
5 Theory of Computation Telecommunications System Control systems
6 Microp. & Micro Controllers Database Management Sys. Transmission Lines & Wave guides
7 Network Lab Case Tools – Lab Communication Skills
8 Microp. & Micro Cont. – Lab Operating System Lab (Unix) Digital signal Processing – Lab
9 DBMS - Lab DBMS – Lab Microprocessor & Application Lab
1 Power Electronics Professional Ethics Environmental Science & Engineering
2 Protection & Switchgear Dynamics of Machinery Digital Signal Processing
3 Communication Engg. Design of Machine Elements Bio control systems
4 Digital Logic Circuits Gas Dynm & Jet Propulsion Bio medical Instrumentation
5 Linear Integrated Circuits Engg.Metrology & Measr. Bio materials and Artificial organs
6 Professional Ethics Appld. Hydra.& Pneumatics Microprocessor and application
7 Power Electronics Lab Dynamics Lab Microprocessor Lab
8 Electrical Machines – Lab Metrology & Measure. Lab Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
9 Integrated circuits - Lab Comp.Aided Mach. Drawing  
III Year - VI Semester
1 Artificial Intelligence Principal of Management Principles of Management
2 Principles of Compiler Desg. Network Progg. & Manage. Digital Communication
3 Software Engineering Cryptography & Network Computer Networks
4 Graphics and Multimedia Visual Programming Antenna and wave Propagation
5 Numerical Methods Embedded Systems Computer Architecture
6 Advanced Java Programming Numerical Methods Elective – I
7 Presentation Skill Professional Skill Communication System Lab
8 Graphics and Multimedia lab Visual Programming. Lab Electronic System Design Lab
9 Compiler Design. Lab Network Lab Networks Lab
1 Solid State Drives Principles of Management Digital Image Processing
2 Power system Analysis Heat and Mass Transfer
Principles of Management
3 Measurement & Instrument. Desg. of Transmission Sys. Radiological Equipments
4 Digital Signal Processing Automobile Engineering Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipments I
5 Microp. & Microcontroller Power Plant Engineering Visual Programming
6 Principles of Management Elective – I Elective I
7 Measure., Instrument – Lab Thermal Engineering Lab– II Digital Signal Processing Lab
8 Microp.& Microcont. – Lab CAD / CAM Lab Visual Programming Lab
9 Presentation Skills Design & Fabrication Project  
IV Year - VII Semester
1 Total Quality Management System Software Total Quality Management
2 Internet Programming Component Based Technolo. VLSI Design
3 Object Oriented Analysis Mobile Computing Microwave Engineering
4 Digital Signal Processing Graphics & Multimedia Optical Communication
5 Elective – II Elective – I Elective – II
6 Elective – III Elective – II Elective – III
7 Case Tools Lab Software components Lab VLSI Lab
8 Internet Programming Lab Graphics & Multimedia Lab Optical & Microwave Lab
9   System Software Lab  
1 Power Sys. Oper. & Cont. Total Quality Management Neural Networks and Application
2 High Voltage Engg. Finite Element Analysis Computers in Medicine
3 Design of Electrical Appar. Mechatronics Medical Optics
4 Total Quality Management Comp. Integ. Manufacturing Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipment II
5 Elective – I Elective – II Elective – II
6 Elective – II Elective – III
Elective – III
7 Power System Simul. – Lab Comp.Aided Simulation Lab Hospital Training
8   Mechatronics Lab Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipments
9   Identification of Project Work  
IV Year - VIII Semester
1 Mobile Computing Web Technology Mobile Communication
2 Elective – IV Elective – III Elective – IV
3 Elective – V Elective – IV Elective – V
4 Project Work Project Work Project Work
1 Electric Energy Engg. Eco. & Cost Analysis Hospital Management
2 Elective – III Elective – IV Elective – IV
3 Elective – IV Elective – V Project Work
4 Project Work Project Work  
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