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College Rules Hostel Rules
Ragging, Smoking, Drinking and use of cell phones are strictly prohibited in the college and hostel premises.
No boy student should talk with girl student (Vice Versa) inside the college campus, hostel, bus stop and college bus.
There should not be exchange of greetings, Photos, gift articles or letters between boys and girls.
They are not allowed to visit the residents of the students of other sex.
All students must possess and expose their Identity Cards in the college campus.
During class hours (9.15am to 11.20am, 11.30am to 12.50pm, 1.35pm to 2.55pm and 3.10pm to 4.30pm) students are not permitted to visit office, Principal, HOD, class advisors and counsellors.
Perfect silence must be maintained during class hours and functions.
Students should not wear, T- Shirts, and Jeans, Dress with photo Prints and unwanted slogans.
Students have to follow dress code (Full hand Shirts buttoned at wrist tucked inside the pants with belt and black leather shoes.)
During labs and assembly, students should wear their uniforms.
(Boys have to wear black pants and grey shirts.Girls have to wear grey tops, black pants and black shawl).
No meeting shall be held in the college premises without the permission of the principal.
Writing on walls, furniture, drawing tables, college buses and bathrooms is strictly prohibited. Students must handle college property with care.
Day scholar girl students should dine in the respective restrooms. Boys have to dine in the canteen.
75% attendance is hard and fast to write university exams, Sick leave is not exempted from attendance.
Every day between 9.15 am to 10.00 am Good Morning test will be held. Result will be announced at 2.00 pm .If any body fails in the exams, they have to attend slow track classes (Boys should write from 4.30 to 6.00 pm on the same day and Girls should write in next day afternoon lunch hours.) On the basis of test performance internal marks will be awarded to students.
Representation from the students to the Principal should be done through Class advisor, HOD.
Students should use dustbins for throwing any unwanted material.
During sick and unexpected event, day scholar students have to hand over leave letters through college bus drivers. Next day when they come to class they must bring necessary proof. If anybody is absent, next day morning they have to meet HOD'S and get permission to attend classes. Normal leave sanction will be done by respective class advisor.
Day scholar students will be given Transport Card with specific college bus number and bus stop. They have to come only in the specific bus. They have to possess the transport card, whenever they travel in the college bus.
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